How to Support Your Country with Profile Picture Frames

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The use of themed profile picture frames has become one of the most popular methods people use to show solidarity and spread social awareness around situations.

As Russian soldiers invade and forcefully occupy Ukrainian territories, individuals and groups from around the world have taken to various internet platforms, updating their accounts with Ukraine-themed profile pictures to spread awareness and demand justice for victims of the war.



In this guide, you will learn how to create similar PFP templates to support your country in various situations like international sports festivals, national holidays, electoral seasons, etc.

Step 1: Upload Your Base Picture on

The base picture is simply the picture that can be replaced when someone else wants to use your template.

Click here to get to the upload page. Next, hit Upload Your Photo to locate and upload your desired picture.

how-to-suppot-your-country 2.png

After selecting your picture, will show you a page where you can adjust the image before sending it into the system.

Step 2: Select and Edit Any Design You Like will automatically design over 40 variations of PFPs for you. You can select one and hit the Customize button to edit it. For this example, I'll choose the one with a transparent background.


Step 3: Add Your Country’s Logo

If you don't already have a picture of your country's logo or flag, you can design one using a free tool like Alternatively, you can search and download country-theme graphics from or search Google for images.

Once downloaded, you can click on Layers and hit the “+” sign.


Navigate to your device storage and upload the country-themed graphic.


As you can see, the new graphic is covering the object's face. To fix this, we will move it to the background by dragging the thumbnail to the left.


If you want the graphic to be an overlay rather than a background, you can resize the picture on and reupload it using the layer feature.

Step 4: Extra Touches

You can add optional touches like outlines, shadows, borders, etc. These are all found in the editing tray, as shown below.


Step 5: Save and Share Your Template

Tap on Save as Template. The next page will require you to log in or sign up.


Give your template a name, add it to a collection, and check the box underneath to make it publicly accessible.

After this, hit Create.


To share your template link, hover over the template image and click on the three dots. Scroll down and select Share Template Link.


A link will be generated for you to share with everyone in your community.

What’s Next?

Now that you've learned how to create profile picture templates to support your country in various situations, we can't wait to see what you finally make!

Feel free to tag us on major social media platforms when you launch your campaigns, and we'll be happy to take a look!

Be sure to keep experimenting with our features, and feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions that can help get even better.

We also have an interesting guide on how to spread awareness on social issues with branded PFP frames.

Click here to access it.

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