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The rapid adoption of remote work in recent years has highlighted the need for a proper digital identity among professionals. Whether you’re on social media, a video conferencing platform, or a project management system, the importance of a good profile picture cannot be overemphasized. It helps with proper identification and can influence the quality of connections you make online.

Organizations are increasingly adopting branded profile pictures to help employees look more professional online and maintain a consistent brand identity.

At Mixilab, we provide corporate PFP templates for various departments in the company and encourage our team members to create their profile pictures using a template that corresponds with their respective roles.


Here, we will discuss why this is important for organizations and how you can get started today.

Why Branded Profile Pictures Are Important

Encouraging team members in all departments to use branded profile pictures for corporate chats is highly beneficial for several reasons. Here are the main reasons why you need to consider it.

Easy Identification of Team Members

This is the most important use of branded profile pictures. When profile pictures are customized according to roles, it becomes easier to know who's who in the organization at a glance. You will be able to determine what department a colleague works in and their seniority level just by viewing their PFP.

Helps Remote Teams Stay More Organized

Having branded PFPs help remote teams stay more organized. This is particularly evident when teams from different departments have a general online meeting. You can easily tag relevant team members to respond to specific questions and remarks. You can also assign tasks faster without having to scroll through profiles.

Creates a Sense of Community

Team-branded photos make it easier for team members to become familiar with colleagues outside their departments. And when everyone knows each other, it becomes easier to engage in conversations and build a real community.

Also, when employees see colleagues contributing and offering feedback to projects as well as the departments each contributor belongs to, it stimulates them to get involved too. This amplified involvement positively affects the company culture and strengthens employee-employee relationships.

Faster Integration of New Employees

Sometimes it can be tough for new employees to adapt to the new environment and get acquainted with the new faces within the organization. However, if they can easily identify their colleagues (thanks to branded PFPs), they will adapt faster and start producing optimal results in no time.

This is possible because they will be able to direct their questions and concerns to the right persons and get the guidance they need to stay efficient.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Creating a branded PFP template for teams in your organization is a cool way to stay on brand, boost employee relationships, and improve overall efficiency.

The best part is that it is very easy to do. We have a short tutorial that shows how you can create a PFP template you can share with your team members and help them strengthen their digital identity.

Click the button below to access it.

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